Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why Blog?

My Bubbe (grandmother) has always been secretive about her recipes.  She is known for her sponge cake and apple cake but no one, but her, was allowed to know how to make them.   When I used to help her in the kitchen, she was always sneaky.  When I wasn't looking, she would add ingredients or change the order in which she made things making recreating these recipes nearly impossible. 
Bubbe, Me, and Papa

Recently, my uncle handed me Bubbe's coveted 'recipe book.'  To my surprise, there really aren't any recipes in it.  But, instead, a list of some ingredients, some cook times, and some baking temperatures. 

One of Bubbe's "recipe" books
In an effort to preserve these family recipes, I've decided to start an adventure (or rather a misadventure) in decoding these recipes, making them less secretive, and allowing more people to enjoy what Bubbe is famous for. 

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