Sunday, February 5, 2012

History of the Recipes

I don't think anyone can truly appreciate this collection of recipes without knowing the family history behind them.  So here goes an extremely condensed history:

Bashka was born in Belitza, Poland (now Belarus).  There, the family had a bakery; or as Bubbe likes to say "we made bagels."  In 1942, the family was relocated to the Zhetel Ghetto (for more information: Zhetel Ghetto).  During the liquidation,  my grandmother and her sister fled the ghetto and survived in the woods until the end of the war.  There they hid under canoes and traded whatever they had on them for food.  After the Nazis were defeated, they made their way over to the US.

Once in the US, my grandmother fell in love with and married my grandfather, a concentration camp survivor. Bubbe now lives in Florida.

These recipes are some of the few surviving pieces of my grandmother's childhood; the rest of it was all destroyed. 

*note: Family: if you have anything you want to add or change. Email me and I'll make the necessary changes*

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